I want to introduce you to Mattie. She was the inspiration behind my pet memorial jewelry. 

I wish that she wasn't but our fury family wasn't meant to live forever. 

Maybe that's why I took it so hard. Even though I knew her time was coming I never was ready to say goodbye. 

Enough with the sad stuff, lets celebrate Mattie. 

Mattie was one of the sweetest creatures ever put on this earth. 

Just look at that face: 

My better half always knew he wanted a St. Bernard but it wasn't something we had planned on bringing into the picture any time soon. 

We walked into a local pound to look at cats to keep our dachshund company. Yes, a cat. We walked in to look at cats and walked out with a St. Bernard. 

I don't think Talula the dachshund would have had it any other way. 

For the entire 8 years that Mattie was in our life Mattie and Talula were inseparable. Not a single day went by without them by each others side. 

Mattie protect Talula and gave her multiple baths throughout the week. 

Talula slept curled up into Mattie and never argued about any of the attention that Mattie loved to give her. 

The dog we brought home didn't want anything to do with getting in the car. The Mattie that we lived with and loved couldn't wait to get in the car for a family adventure. 

The dog we brought home was abused, shy, and didn't want to interact much. The Mattie we lived with and loved was goofy, full of energy, and never wanted to leave your side. 

Not a day will go by that I won't miss her. She's forever a part of us now. Our lives are better because Mattie was a part of them. 

My wish to you is that you will find at some point in your life find a Mattie to share a portion of your life with. 

All the love, 

Mattie's humans